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Welcome to Movie Date Night! A podcast about introducing your significant other to the movies you love.


Greg had little choice with this theme and takes Lauren to the only Camp movie he knows yet deeply loves, Wet Hot American Summer. As we roast this movie like a couple of s’mores, we talk about how this commercial flop made many comedic careers, inappropriate staff/camper relationships, the world’s best/worst talent show ever, and why it’s best not to let your imagination run away from you. Music by bensound.com

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May 18, 2019

Episode 85: Anastasia

For Greg’s Historically Inaccurate film, he took Lauren on a return to animation with 1997’s Anastasia. In this children’s movie with extremely dark source material, we discuss the unnecessary dual casting of character voices, absentee wizards, why you probably think this is a Disney film, and we briefly cover the strange tale of the ‘real’ Anastasia. Music by bensound.com

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For Greg’s Mockumentary, he chose the cult classic, recently turned tv show What We Do in the Shadows. In this sleeper hit ‘Whose Who’ of New Zealand comedic actors, we examine the vampires' failure to adapt to societal fashions and technologies, we dissect the numerous and strange rules that come with being a vampire, and discuss why being a Vampire can be the solution to any money troubles. Music by bensound.com

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March 23, 2019

Episode 81: Weird Science

Greg’s 80’s Month selection returns back to the John Hughes canon with Weird Science. In this teenage boy fantasy flick, we take a deep look the creep factor that is Chet, racist first impressions, the possible presence of another Trickster God, and we ask if this film even needs Gary. Music by bensound.com

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February 23, 2019

Episode 79: The Sting

We close out our Oscar Winner month with 1973’s Best Picture, The Sting. As we critique this love letter to the 1930’s, we talk about Brothel Carousels, Unnecessary Assassins, Con-man attendance sheets and we question the validity of the Oscars amongst the modern media.

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January 26, 2019

Episode 77: The Thing

To close up Kurt Russel Month, Greg shares with Lauren the horrific mystery that is The Thing. As we delve through the series of poor choices these ‘educated men’ make, we discuss how a few female characters could have drastically changed the film, the multiple and conflicting sets of rules the Thing seems to operate by, and Lauren points out a potential real-life parallel with this film that will leave you with Antarctic chills.

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December 1, 2018

Episode 74: Fred Claus

For Greg’s Holiday film, he takes Lauren to the North Pole to meet Santa’s brother Fred Claus. As we unwrap this middle-of-the-road Christmas film, we discuss the infectivity of sainthood, creepy CG elves, Elizabeth Banks’ North Pole porn outfit and the nihilistic ennui of immortality. Music by bensound.com

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This month, Greg and Lauren distract themselves from the reality of The White House and turn to a more romanticized version with The American President. In our conversations, we discuss why you should always make your relationship status public, the misguided mudslinging campaign of Richard Dreyfus, and ask why the President can’t have his own wallet.

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October 6, 2018

Episode 70: Child’s Play

For his Horror movie, Greg chose to introduce Lauren to the iconic killer doll Chucky in Child’s Play. While watching this movie with obvious puppets vs little people in costumes, we have many opinions about “Chicago’s Finest” and their lack of rules or reason, Chucky’s transformation into Jack Nicholson. We discuss the several critical flaws of Chucky’s murderous plots, and Greg comes up with another ‘creative’ connection to another popular movie franchise.

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September 8, 2018

Episode 68: The Terminator

Greg takes Lauren back to the films of Arnold Swartzenegger with one of his more silent roles The Terminator. As we pick apart this franchise starter, we discuss how to resolve the Grandfather Paradox, the Terminator’s unnecessary and mysterious apartment, easier methods to kill Sarah Connor and together we share our problems with desert gas station pinatas. Music by bensound.com

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