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Welcome to Movie Date Night! A podcast about introducing your significant other to the movies you love.


August 10, 2019

Episode 91: Rent

This month we are covering Musicals and Lauren decided we should warm up our vocal cords with 2005’s Rent. As we try to stay in tune in with this tale of New Yorkers living with AIDS, we discuss the difficult transition of stories from Broadway to Hollywood, why Rent is more of a time capsule rather than timeless, White Bohemian privilege and dog murder. Music by bensound.com

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We hope you had a chance to restrock your tissues because we have another tear-jerker for you as Greg shows Lauren the Studio Ghibili film, Grave of the Fireflies. IN this tale of a teenage boy trying to care for his young sister in the midst of a war, we discuss why you can't trust distant relatives in times of crisis, how your age really matters in times of war, we address Lauren's dislike for traditionally animated films and try to answer the question 'Who is this movie for?' Music by bensound.com

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July 13, 2019

Episode 89: Patch Adams

For this month we are looking to have a good cry with a few tearjerkers and Lauren has decided to go first with Patch Adams. IN this based on a true story about a man bringing humor to a hospital, we discuss the film's several shorthanded plot points and abandoned conflicts, the unappreciated greatness of Monica Potter, and why Greg shouldn't be allowed to see sad films in the theater. Music by bensound.com

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June 29, 2019

Episode 88 Camp Takota

For our final cinematic camp out of the Summer, Lauren decided to end the month with the Independent film Camp Takota. In this Youtube Star driven movie, we discover the importance of female friendship over men, a neglected and shy 6 year old, awful stories about Loch Ness monsters that Greg wishes was real, and why you shouldn’t hire people who drunk dial you the night before work starts, especially if that job is a multi-week long commitment that involves childcare. Music by bensound.com

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Greg had little choice with this theme and takes Lauren to the only Camp movie he knows yet deeply loves, Wet Hot American Summer. As we roast this movie like a couple of s’mores, we talk about how this commercial flop made many comedic careers, inappropriate staff/camper relationships, the world’s best/worst talent show ever, and why it’s best not to let your imagination run away from you. Music by bensound.com

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For our first Summer Camp film, Lauren was shocked that Greg had never even heard of her pick Heavy Weights. For this Disney film about fat camp, we discuss the terrible business practices of Camp Hope and its original owners, the secret identity and future career path of Tony Perkis, kids who are stone-cold murderers, and why Greg actually sided with the villain of this film. Music by bensound.com

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May 18, 2019

Episode 85: Anastasia

For Greg’s Historically Inaccurate film, he took Lauren on a return to animation with 1997’s Anastasia. In this children’s movie with extremely dark source material, we discuss the unnecessary dual casting of character voices, absentee wizards, why you probably think this is a Disney film, and we briefly cover the strange tale of the ‘real’ Anastasia. Music by bensound.com

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May 4, 2019

Episode 84: Hysteria

For our Inaccurate History month, Lauren introduced Greg to the movie and theory of Hysteria. As we delve through this 'secret history of the vibrator' filled with half historical truths, we cover the insanely wide scope of Hysteria symptoms, the laughably backwards beliefs of the Victorian Medical community, and Maggie Gyllenhaal once again flexes her social activist muscles in this film.

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For Greg’s Mockumentary, he chose the cult classic, recently turned tv show What We Do in the Shadows. In this sleeper hit ‘Whose Who’ of New Zealand comedic actors, we examine the vampires' failure to adapt to societal fashions and technologies, we dissect the numerous and strange rules that come with being a vampire, and discuss why being a Vampire can be the solution to any money troubles. Music by bensound.com

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We've got a double feature to kick off our Mockumentary with Christopher Guest's Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. As we explore these two hilarious improv films, we discuss quirky and hilarious one-scene characters, neurotic dog owners, stereotyped accents and enough back-handed compliments to fill a tennis match.

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