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Welcome to Movie Date Night! A podcast about introducing your significant other to the movies you love.


March 9, 2019

Episode 80: Working Girl

It’s our 80th episode and we are celebrating with 80’s month. To kick things off, Lauren has chosen 1988’s Working Girl. In this film about a woman who struggles to be recognized and appreciated in the workplace, we observe how gossip magazines can get you promoted, inappropriate times and reasons to propose to someone, we ask why Hollywood wants to keep certain stars into particular genres and Lauren stuns Greg with a surprising piece of trivia about this film and its legacy. Music by bensound.com

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February 23, 2019

Episode 79: The Sting

We close out our Oscar Winner month with 1973’s Best Picture, The Sting. As we critique this love letter to the 1930’s, we talk about Brothel Carousels, Unnecessary Assassins, Con-man attendance sheets and we question the validity of the Oscars amongst the modern media.

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February 9, 2019

Episode 78: Bonnie and Clyde

It’s Oscar season, and for Lauren’s Award-winning film, she chose to share 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde. As we explore the hidden truths behind this legendary film and duo, we try to unpack the sexual tension between the titular characters, how Crime was SO MUCH EASIER back in the 1930s, and observe why it just goes to show that you should always bet on yourself, especially if you’re Warren Beatty.

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January 26, 2019

Episode 77: The Thing

To close up Kurt Russel Month, Greg shares with Lauren the horrific mystery that is The Thing. As we delve through the series of poor choices these ‘educated men’ make, we discuss how a few female characters could have drastically changed the film, the multiple and conflicting sets of rules the Thing seems to operate by, and Lauren points out a potential real-life parallel with this film that will leave you with Antarctic chills.

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January 12, 2019

Episode 76: Tombstone

We decided to start 2019 off right with Kurt Russel month, for which Lauren has chosen 1993’s Tombstone. In this star-studded Western, we wrangle topics like historical revisionism in the name of plot pacing, Sam Elliot’s Big D. Energy, how Wyatt Earp was essentially the original Chuck Norris and Greg finds his personal ‘Han Shot First’ moment in this film.

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December 29, 2018

2018 Wrap Party

For our last episode of 2018, Lauren and Greg look back on the movies they saw in theatres together and talk about their most and least favorites. We also share our favorite films we covered this year and which films we are looking forward to the most in 2019. Finally, we tip our hand for some of our upcoming plans for monthly themes and share a special announcement.

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For Lauren’s ‘Holiday’ film she chose the quasi-spy thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. For this winter-based movie, we give praise to the great script writing of Shane Black, discuss Doll piss gasoline physics, the rise and fall of Geena Davis’ career and we ask if this movie deserves a place in the pantheon of Christmas films alongside Die Hard. Music by bensound.com

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December 1, 2018

Episode 74: Fred Claus

For Greg’s Holiday film, he takes Lauren to the North Pole to meet Santa’s brother Fred Claus. As we unwrap this middle-of-the-road Christmas film, we discuss the infectivity of sainthood, creepy CG elves, Elizabeth Banks’ North Pole porn outfit and the nihilistic ennui of immortality. Music by bensound.com

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November 17, 2018

Episode 73: My Life in Ruins

For her Romantic Comedy pick, Lauren takes Greg on a European vacation to Greece with My Life in Ruins. As we try to navigate our way through this Grecian film that has nothing to do with weddings, we examine the plethora of negative stereotypes, toilet humor character names, how to crash a bus with sexy history, and why Nia Vardalos can’t carry a film alone. Music by bensound.com

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This month, Greg and Lauren distract themselves from the reality of The White House and turn to a more romanticized version with The American President. In our conversations, we discuss why you should always make your relationship status public, the misguided mudslinging campaign of Richard Dreyfus, and ask why the President can’t have his own wallet.

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